PhilGood - 0.1.2 update & new Trailer

PhilGood Trailer
Hello Everyone !

Here is the new version 0.1.2 available with the new TRAILER
I am pleased to announce that the PhilGood page is also on Steam!
PhilGood on Steam

The game will be available in free version and early access from August 5 on Steam.
But you can already test the last version 0.1.2  it by downloading it from  
or on 
PhilGood BETA 0.1.2

If you would like to support PhilGood in additional ways, tell your friends, tell your favorite youtubers and post about it on social media. Every bit of support pushes the game.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who are and will be with me on this journey to make PhilGood an amazing game!

Have fun with PhilGood !

Phil bod


update and improvement:
1. More tutorial text in age 1-1/4.
2. Water leakage puzzle: explanatory diagram in the first 2 and simpler resolution.
3. Puzzle Lumen: more clarity. The boxes are colored when the 4 symbols are correct.
4. Extended and variable philGood jump according to its speed.
5. He can also fall from higher ground without dying.
6. the "C" is replaced by "Shift" to run.


PhilGood BETA-0.1.2.exe 256 MB
Jul 23, 2019

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